Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  Are ear buds/headphones really necessary?
A:  Yes, these sessions are created with binaural frequencies. The headphones are actually important for the sound to be absorbed by the listener. Please use the volume at a comfortable setting for you.
Q:  How long do you recommend listening to a file for?
A:  Time length varies greatly on each individual listener. For some it may take a week, for others it could take six months or more before you notice effects. Daily repeated listening gives best results, preferably at the same time each day.
Q:  Do we have to watch the videos or can we just listen?
A:  No, watching the videos are not necessary for any of my works. It is actually recommended to simply recline back with your feet up, rest your arms comfortably and relax.
Q:  Can I fall asleep during the session? or play the tracks while I’m asleep?
A:  Yes, all of the sessions will still work if you fall asleep, your subconscious mind can more easily absorb during sleep. You can create your own playlist on YouTube
Q: How are the effects if I loop the video for the night while I’m sleeping?
A: From my personal experience, looping a session definitely speeds the process up. I wouldn’t recommend looping for any longer than about 4 hours at a time, simply because I believe the brain needs time to rest as well during sleeping hours. You can create a playlist on YouTube and mix & match what sessions you want to hear.
Q:  Can your videos actually brainwash me or control me?
A:  No. Absolutely not, you are in control of yourself at all times. If there is a suggestion that you disagree with then your subconscious mind will
reject and disregard the suggestion. Despite popular beliefs, hypnosis cannot change you unless you are personally seeking that change.