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Jacqueline Campenelli is the first known to combine binaural beats with guided meditation. Jacqueline Campenelli YouTube channel was launched May 2013 and has proudly reached 18,000+ subscribers. Each session is tediously designed, detailed, and tailored specifically by the request of patrons giving a varied array of titles. Jacqueline Campenelli's works have been featured on WFMU Radio. Each person you meet is in your life for a reason, even for just a moment.  Learn from them.

Jacqueline Campenelli is the creator of such memorable titles as Donkey Dong Hypnosis (2013), the Original  Bull Balls Hypnosis (2014), The Original Elephant Penis Girth Hypnosis, the Original Horse Cock Hypnosis (2015), The Original Feminization Hypnosis (2013, Credited as Undagroon Hypnosa) , and many more!

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