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Testimonials are compiled from over 9 years of fan mail and comments on the Jacqueline Campenelli YouTube Channel. Please send me your testimonials on my contact page.

Astral Projection Binaural (07/13/2015)

☼ "I love what you do Thank you" - @wereistherealdiamond4722

☼ "fantastic :) thank U" - @ibrahimsigheer5933



☼ "My headaches and paranoia just melted away and I stopped caring so much about the voices in my head. THIS WORKS! THANK YOU!"  - @pirateking37, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "Now I feel so alive! Thank you for your help." - @randyalsbrooks9485, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "Did you receive the $15 contribution as a way of saying I appreciate your reverse negative hypnosis session... it is effective (and I will continue to make a contribution in intervals to a max of $150.00...) I’ve been listening to it for years now. Thank you!" - Chris Wren

☼ "I FEEL MORE HAPPY NOW!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH" - @ponylover2206, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "Thank you. It is helping me to reset and recover from a huge trauma." - @notnot617, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "I'm definitely going to be doing it again. I've never felt this way during hypnosis before. This is the best hypnosis i've seen. Thank you!" - @tylerferland5397, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "Thank you!" - @queenginger3006, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼  "I had no fu@&ing clue how bad shit was for me until I finished this video and felt everything fixed. I feel more confident and I don't feel compelled to seek things I don't need. I also feel more assertive and less Beta-male."  - @thatextremebadass, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "Wow what a great feeling!" - @missesbless8862, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "Thank you so much, I watched one of those mtf videos thinking I couldn't be hypnotized, well I could and I hated it, thank you so much." - Anonymous

☼ "Holy fudge dude you are the freaking best person on this freaking planet dude I watched a male to female mind converson out of LEL why not? DUDE I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH I CAN FIX THIS BEFORE IT TAKES ANY MORE GRASP ON ME DUDE I FREAKIN LOVE YOU U LIFE SAVER!!!" - @williambrunsdon1189 

☼ "thank you for doing this. the results were immediate! I feel like the man I always knew I was inside. thank you thank you thank you so much!!!" - @joklip7928, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "There were compartments of energy in my body that hadn't been connected in a long time. Then I listened to this." - @rockoutwithyourckout, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "Holy hell that was a relief I got freaked out and was terrified that if I opened my eyes I was going to see something I didn't like but honestly I'm smoking like my old self which may or may not be good but it did help with against the programing of a horrific childhood. I never thought it was possible to be brain washed. But I guess I can say now that brain washing does exist." - @wokeup28, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "Now I feel more confident when using hypnosis because I can reverse it! Thank you!" - @CelestialChickens, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "At first, when I watched this video I was incredibly frightened. But then, after the red orb came and I pressed reset, I felt peaceful and your video has healed me. Thank you." - @michaelyoung1827, Antivirus Reverse All Negative Hypnosis

☼ "Thank you!" - @RonnieWisdom

☼ "Thank you sir" - @sikhabarik1811

☼ "wow. i made the mistake of listening to binaural and isochronic sounds in the hopes that they will help me focus with writing (i write content for websites), but all i got from them was dizziness that would last days. today my head was spinning like crazy and i just had to google up about how i could reverse what those sound waves did to my brain. found your channel from a comment in another "reverse" video. i was skeptical at first, but i was really dizzy and wanted to get rid of the feeling. i feel a lot better now. thanks!" - @pipol826


Deep Relaxation Meditation Hypnosis - Reverse Negative Effects (11/26/2018)

☼ "...thanks.  💘" - @jawarad.king-authorof7book121, Deep Relaxation Meditation Hypnosis

☼ "thank U" - @undergroundawareness5674, Deep Relaxation Meditation Hypnosis

☼ "Hi, i hope you to be doing well, this audio sounds very nice, the deep relaxation part is clear." - @amorshcute, Deep Relaxation Meditation Hypnosis


Empty Mind Inner Peace Hypnosis (10/05/2013)

☼ "Awesome, since listening to your audio file a few days ago, I've never had such a clear mind and inner self coming through, has been blocked in the past by negative vibes. Thanks!" - @1551james, Empty Mind Inner Peace Hypnosis

☼ "this worked wonderfully I'm good after 19min thank you I'll listen to the rest now love" - @zaeleaphoria, Empty Mind Inner Peace Hypnosis

☼ "great hypnosis, thanks for the upload!" - @HypnosisASMR, Empty Mind Inner Peace Hypnosis

☼ "This is a trip. i like it! thank you." - @ireneharvey345, Empty Mind Inner Peace Hypnosis

☼ "Another great vid!!! keep up the great work!!!" - Dominic C., Empty Mind Inner Peace Hypnosis

☼ "sleep hypnosis enlightenment" - @TRiSHMCGiLP, Empty Mind Inner Peace Hypnosis

☼ "I feel deeper" - @tamaradeconstance7789


Healthy Lungs Binaural (03/20/2015)

☼ "Great video ..Really opened up my lungs ..brilliant ..Thanks" - @lsgmelissadorochova9744

☼ "I love this" - @dewaarnata1749

☼ "I love your work! And the multisided characteristics of your videos amazing. A million thanks for your great work!" - @alexanderdaeva8931

☼ "Thank you for your great deeds 🙏" - @antarshakti3093

☼ "Finally. found something that helps for emphysema" - @user-ou3ih2fg5q, Healthy Lungs Binaural 

☼ "Thank you very much." - @patbeatty6564


360 Hz The Harmonious Balance Frequency Joy & Healing (03/18/2015)

☼ "Your videos are the best !!" - @blablblaaaaaaaaa

☼ "Thanks God Jesus Christ, for i finding your channel. 
Im weak, but i come more stronger with your content.
From Russia with Love." - @iskanderalmakkary372


Moon Binaural Meditation 420.82 Hz (03/16/2015)

☼ "Jacqueline Campenelli thanks for all your admirable work." - @josanacastro3918, Moon Binaural


Cigarette Cessation Hypnosis (07/05/2015)

☼ "Thank you very much. All your uploads are unique. Listner just need a strong desire." - @sujay7301

☼ "ThankU as I really do believe it's working. Haven't quit but slowed way down." - @lakitty2691


Alleviate Depression and Anxiety Binaural Meditation (07/05/2015)

☼ "Great video!  Way to go!!" - @Alexkiplivelight

☼ "this audio generates a warm sensation that makes me feel good inside, very good job, very well done , i hope this helps a lot of people <3" - @amorshcute


Studying and Learning Binaural Isochronic (06/10/2015)

☼ "This is awesome! What an underrated gem of a focus creation. Thank you!" - @MistandAsh, Studying and Learning Binaural Tune Meditation



☼ "A Most Carring file , HugS." - @Geenalee1, I AM a Human Being Hypnosis


Hair Growth Hypnosis Anti Balding Reverse Hair Loss Full Thick Guided Self Hypno (10/06/2014)

☼ "Thanks! For the first time I felt so calm and slept. I keep feeling a tingling in my head after waking up." - @jayantshaligram290

☼ "this session is more potent than I thought... I was put under harsher than ever. felt heavy yet light and couldn't move it at all. it was amazing and I know it's going to work" - @dnez1559

☼ "Thanks Jacqueline,  this is fantastic, I am proud of you for helping me... but sincerely from the heart. thanks." - @jengjang121lang8

☼ "your hypnosis video for getting rid of glasses had done wonder.  Will do this to with dedication" - @sujay7301

☼ "Woah what the hell is that humming? o.O How does it do that? The feeling is awesome too." - @somerandom7672

Beard & Mustache Hypnosis Binaural Moustache & Whiskers Guided Meditation Self Hypno Isochronic (10/15/2014)

​☼ "I am pleased with these changes, I grew a thick mustache and beard in a short time. Thank you." - @dons2915

☼ "This has been working for me too! Facial hair is covering more of my face and getting thicker." - @RonnieWisdom

☼ "thanks!" - @LongHairtoGodMan

☼ "thank you it work" - @johnbatist1992


FULL LIPS Hypno Binaural Beauty Luscious Fuller Mouth Isochronic Bowtie Sensual Subliminal (07/09/2015)

☼ "thank you" - @sarahal7316

☼ "Thank you for this !" - @sarabhalvah3866

Thunder Thighs Hypnosis Big Round Hips (07/08/2015)

☼ "this has helped me accept being a plump girl thank you I do have sexy thighs and they deserve love." - @dragoncosplay4919, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis

☼ "holy this is working, i feel my thigh gap closing" - @angelplush4057, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis

☼ "Yesterday night before sleeping listened 2 times. Today morning thighs are swelling ..feels heavy. 💖" - @goldentaurus2662, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis

☼ "I'm so happy with them now thanks goddess, and i wan't it more and more" - @vidaahialoamey7643, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis

☼ "it worked" - @vines930, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis

☼ "Thank you" - @buschg7106, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis

☼ "I watched this and now my thighs got bigger." - Anonymous, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis

☼ "holy mess it works" - @aliviaroberts5726, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis

☼ "Hi.. My thighs become heavier and strong, also round, sexy with in regular listening of 15 days.Thank u. 🌹🍁🌷" - @goldentaurus2662, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis

☼ "this is so hot omg" - @spiro9795, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis

☼ "Umm my thigh just moved." - @karissa569, Thunder Thighs Hypnosis


Extreme Weight Loss Binaural Meditation Isochronic Magic Spell Hypnosis (05/30/2020)

☼ "I love your material. Can you make a sleep hypnosis. I fall asleep to almost all your videos I play but could you make one specific for sleeping?" - @hypnosisghost4365

Extreme Weight Gain Binaural Meditation Isochronic Magic Spell Hypnosis (05/30/2020)

☼ "This works I went from 270 pounds to a whopping 340 pounds in 4 months" - @richardpearce400

☼ "OMFG IM FAT THX SO MUCH IT WORKS" - @henryemily8580

☼ "I've been listening to this and other hypnosis files for a while and I've gained roughly ten pounds, so I'd say it worked for me :)" - @MrHelloHello333

☼ "I’m using this and you’re previous fat subliminal! 🤍🤍" - @madinpink


I AM a Big Beautiful Woman Subliminal Hypnosis (07/10/2021)

​☼ "Bravo Thank you for another one of your masterpieces I love your work😊😊" - @kimseyabercrombie1910

☼ "Focus on BLESSINGS and you will receive BLESSINGS" - @positiveandhealthy2728

☼ "thank you so much!" - @spaceartist1272


Female to Male Hypnosis Complete Biokinesis FTM Transformation Binaural Isochronic (12/02/2014)

☼ "Thank you for the inspirational video. I have been using the video and it has been helpful for me. I enjoy your videos which help me feel better about myself. Thank you!" - @jayliu7786

☼ "Thank you!!!  You're like a mother, a haven for your listeners!!!" - @hardstyle3218

☼ "I want more ftm videos" - @austinsmom102507


Woman to Man Binaural Hypnosis FTM Isochronic Transgender Female to Male Girl to Boy (08/03/2015)

​☼ "I personally am gender fluid and this video helps me get rid of my dysphoria when it is really bad so thank you so much for making this ^_^" - @elcetinski9173

☼ "Thank you Campanelli for your videos that help me with my anxiety. Blessings to you in life." - @jayliu7786

☼ "I really needed this. I’m a trans man and whenever I have dysphoria this recording really helps me feel comfortable with my gender" - @ezrastardust3124

☼ "I personally love your work campenelli this audio sends me straight to sleep thank you for your spectacular work 💜💙💜 may the gods and goddesses bless you with happiness love and luck" - @ingram4565


Alpha Male Hypnosis - Masculine Binaural Transformation Subliminal Guided Self Meditation Hypno (07/20/2013)

☼ "Ignore the critics, I've used hypnosis 100's of times and perfectly honest this ones brilliant. The trance is so deep and relaxing I'm amazed.
They're only critics through lack of understanding so keep up the good work, you're good at this :) believe me, simply put its a pleasure... thank you too." - @lifesabuzzwhoopwhoop

☼ "Well, it was very relaxing.  Even just for that I am thankful.  Yes, this got me deeper than ever.  Hoping this brings me back to being less submissive and more versatile, and more bisexual." - @paulmiles3457

☼ "This one made me feel really chill." - @robhorgan9767

☼ "This is heavy deep Programing…awesome!" - @edwardmorris8141

☼ "Loved it :-)" - @dollydagger5950

☼ "OMG!!!! This is amazing." - @deekhan9576

☼ "This really is good. The first time I heard the snap I dropped." - @broxxironsmith8547

☼ "Just listened to this, went deeper than I've ever been before." - @alexanderhatle3654

☼ "This was great.  Tip-get baked first" - @kingkrywan5982

☼ "esto teda mas testosterona y te convierte en un macho alfa." - @user-ld9sq8xv8j

☼ "esto de verdad funciona? alguien lo  puede confirmar.


Ultimate Alpha Male Hypno Magic Spell Binaural Hypnosis (01/30/2017)

☼ "hello Jacqueline. i'v just found this channel this moment. looks great,and professional. i will use some of the videos... Wish you all the best. and good luck for the users" - @perkunas9996

☼ "thank you for all your videos!" - @chrisland97

☼ "I love it lol 🙃" - @pablozapata8556


Feminization Acceptance Hypnosis Affirmations MtF Male to Female Sissy Guided Self Hypno (08/18/2014)

☼ "Thank you. This video has allowed me to let the tears flow and I am made breathless with beautiful and intense emotions that leave me shaking and sobbing with joy." - @terrysquires8673

☼ "So soothing, feel totally relaxed, and loving my inner feminine feelings.  Thank you so much Jacqueline" - @sally-annrichardson3751

☼ "very soothing and gentle, thank you Jacqueline." - @michellemontana6393

☼ "listened at least twice daily for two weeks now along with some of your other related sessions... i think the sessions are the BEST,and i love your voice so much,it is addictive to me" - @carlavagnen1366

☼ "Love it, thanks" - @gracegonzalez7793

☼ "This feels amazing" - @ceciliamonty9328

☼ "Very good relaxing life changing hypno..." - @DR57

☼ "My name is Theresa and I am so blessed and privileged to now being a woman -  woman who wants to be soft and loving; a woman who wants to experience the passionate, intense feminine emotions and thinking of a woman;  who wants the body of a woman; a woman who has said goodbye to the 'him' and 'he' and welcomes with tears of happiness the 'she' and 'her'." - @terrysquires8673

☼ "The powerful words helped alot!" - @leannew.8991

☼ "Thank You! I love my inner girl! :)" - @diannne2maid

☼ "I love this." - @robertcurle5982

☼ "I need more of this" - @blakewhelson6388

☼ "I just list to this 3 times this morning" - @karlleadbetter2393

☼ "Thank you so much.,😘😘😘" - @michaelpage7036

☼ "recommend listening at .75 speed" - @KometBeing

☼ "24/7 think it" - @marshalbarn7688

☼ "jamielee is being freed gary is leaving mmm." - @garykerfus8079


Binaural Feminine Brainwashing Subliminal MTF Hypnosis (08/06/2013)

☼ "I love this video so much i feel really feminine this video works." - @jacksam9679, Binaural Feminine Brainwashing

☼ "I just luv this file. I've been listening for almost a month. I couldn't be happier." - Stephanie R.

☼ "So awesome!!!" - @Billkay05

☼ "Very well done. I enjoyed quite a bit.....mew." - @catinheels5551

☼ "this one is good on the loop feature." - @danwaltz315

☼ "I LOVE this one do you have more like this and more intense for faster transformation?" - @nataliyamatofeme244

☼ "Thank you 😊" - @rosshowey3305



☼ "Thank you for posting this! Love to listen to this session." - @briannatv1987"

☼ "(me been crying, and still crying for awhile) i want to thank you for your videos specially this one, this has and im sure help me more and more in the future. so i really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do :)" - @satanic0sephiroth

☼ "Thank you for your videos, I love getting notifications about new videos. I appreciate the hard work, blessings to you." - @jayliu7786

☼ "Thanks for helping me with my feminization!" - @FDalbelo

☼ "LISTENING Morning Noon AND Bed Time Night,
SOON Your (Mind) Body WILL BE RIGHT !!!!!
!!" - @Geenalee1

☼ "O I adore this one Jacqueline! It's delightful! thank you!" - @michellemontana6393

☼ "I have enjoyed it so much for several days. Really feel more true sissy now. Thank you Jacqueline!" - @kemsho811

☼ "I already know this is workin for me !!" - @kawaiilibra2709

☼ "thank for your work" - @djaygnus6996

☼ "Thank you for helping me to be a sissy" - @bren5809

☼ "this is very good for trans genders." - @danwaltz315

☼ "👍" - @user-lh1bf8pi6f

☼ "ur videos scare me so good" - @jennymcpot9096

☼ "Oh my do I LOVE this! I have not wanted to stop listening to this. EVERYTHING in and about this meshes perfectly with my mindset and desires and just totally works for me. You absolutely nailed it all for me with this program...hit all the right buttons...turned all the right knobs...! I have been trying on and wearing my most feminine 'costumes' and ensembles (and I have many) while visibly quivering and vibrating from head to toe and floating around in an unbridled, ultra-mega-feminine euphoria while playing this over and over. Just when I thought you had already owned me Jacqueline, you upload this masterpiece and immerse me into what feels like an advanced, upper graduate level and plateau of whole body and whole-mind emasculation-feminization experience that is then even further infused and supercharged with the working energy of ULTRA-feminine and ULTRA-sissy! Thank you so much and I am so glad you did not 'stop' the feminization programs as being well covered because yours keep getting better and better. Part of me wants to say that it can not get any better than this program but from what I have seen you produce the rest of me says: Oh, just wait, she'll even top THIS!... and I can hardly wait!" - @pinkpriss

☼ "I love more than I can express Jacqueline thank you for freeing me." - @whiskyjack3268


Femme Face Hypnosis (10/10/2014)

☼ "how do I buy these cds" - @williamepler3075

☼ "Thanks once Again :)" - @Geenalee1


Feminine Mind Hypnosis Feminization Sissyfication MTF Mental Change Sissy Hypno (10/15/2014)

☼ "A wonderful meditation,  Jacqueline.  From one of your commenters 'I am a woman who was born with male reproductive organs '. Isn't that an excellent description of all us transwomen? It certainly made me feel warm and peaceful" - @leticia6867

☼ "this is so amazingly beautiful! thank you so much!!!" - @milalee6457

☼ "Thank you very much, you make me very happy, this audio is great. I can say that today I am a woman, a beautiful and divine woman. Thank you!" - @ladyfertorres3221

☼ "This is so amazing." - @greenranger1983

☼ "Thanks for the hypnotizing, brainwashing, reprogramming, vid! Peace!" - @thomaszadorozny5117

☼ "My brain is being transformed a female brain" - @danielshear2839

☼ "I am relaxed and I love to be girly." - @princessroxyvincenzo5602

☼ "Very nice  thanks !!!" - @Geenalee1

☼ "mente femenina" - @marioantonioacunaromo

☼ "This video makes a person behave psychologically like a woman." - @tolanicassablanca3030

☼ "Thankyou I’m transitioning and this helps me a lot to rework the kinks in my mind." - @reneebuelna1670


Money Magnet Hypnosis (01/03/2015)

☼ "I won $100 in the lottery last week, n stopped for some reason. I know this works. Im back on it again. My dream is to heal n help the world. I want to end hunger, poverty, n suffering. I know I can acheive  this with your help Jacqueline." - @Ceasars01

☼ "I'm like Da Beverly Hillbillies wit Da 💰💰💰💷💶💳💴💵💲💲💲🏧🏧🏧🏦🏦🏦🏦💰💰💰💣💣💪💪!!!Thanks" - @tdaddy6097

☼ "This is a truly trippy sounding hypnosis. I can't stop listening to it. Each ear hearing something different." - @user-ed1bq6bc8p

☼ "You have the best hypnosis channel 😍 thank you 🙏" - @dailydoseup343

☼ "This is just so totally awesome...Thank you" - Junxxer Jenkins

☼ "this hypnosis is wonderful...!" - @HypnoDaddy

☼ "This must be daily uncle Scrooge McDuck's meditation.:)" - @andrewbriggs8350

☼ "Thank you!" - @diegogo7681

☼ "Leaving on a happy note,  ill. Just let u kno  i found your style really  cool?  Or trippy?  Prertty individual  from all the other 1s ive heard,,  and ive heard a lot,   nearly  all. My waking hours are studying,,  and meditating,,  learning about  the mind etc,  your style  is really unique and cool,,  and u do have a special  little  gift their my lady,,  ill leave it at that  ,,,  That u really have a special  special  wicked style  and i like it,,  really  trippy,   i. Trust my instincts,,  so they tell me 2 head back 2 my dear old lov-ed and belov-ed King of subcincious mind and explanation  BOB PROCTOR!!  GOD I LOVE THAT GUY,,  abraham  hicks is pretty cool 2- and i wish u a wonderfull  fun filled and fabulous day,,  kiss hug kiss hug,,  luv....  mmmmwaaaaaah!" - @75sirsamalot

☼ " realy works..thank u!" - @walidharik5181

☼ "Thank you !!!" - @TheChronnoss

☼ "I believe it will succeed" - @snm_nendra

☼ "gracias" - @pabloticora6554

☼ "lol ok heres my report, i listend to this file about 2 years ago and just yesterday i realized wow thats kinda the manifestation of this hypnosis file with the tree, i picked like 3000 euro in 100 euro bills from my family and still its not ending if i want 100 bucks i can go to this "tree" and can pick 100 euro. :D" - @user-jy2ot5cl3n

☼ "wun Up to $ 500 a day is real" - @richestkingsulaymannjie3075


DONKEY DONG HYPNOSIS - - Ultimate Alpha Male Binaural Testosterone Booster Biokinesis (09/11/2013)

☼ "Thanks to u bro for the excellent advice
It was all worth it and it did what it promised!
I never thought an internet program would
fixed my problem this quick. :)" - @goodgod38, Donkey Dong Hypnosis

☼ "Yo, allow me to thank you. This really works. I stayed errect an hour and a half with my lady. Usually its 20 -30. 
This works no other words else to say." - @JohnPrado100, Donkey Dong Hypnosis

☼ "Working amazingly after only two months. I have become a believer. Thank you so much." - @klsoslos, Donkey Dong Hypnosis

☼ "AMAZING GAINS" - @nalfmalf

☼ "Thank you, very much for make and share this video." - @vidimur1977

☼ "ur unbelievable" - @user-ik9pp6rb4u

☼ "Amazing" - @joesmith4771

☼ "I started before two days it is really very relaxing, good hypnosis. I never give up to enjoy the result." - @dejenterara295
6 years ago

☼ "Hey Jacqueline loved the video. It really helped me with relaxing and letting go of stress. It was also a very powerful erotic experience!" - @secondaryronin9353

☼ "How the fu@& did I end up here? This is brilliant. I will be sure to share this will all of my less fortunate friends." - @sxsniper

☼ "Thank you for your files they have made a great difference in my life!!!" - @michaelcoddington3026



☼ "First and foremost, thank you for the video, been a long time fan." - @edwardlovecraft2012, Donkey Dong Hypnosis Part 2

☼ "did not expect the nofap motivation." - @sharathakash6992, Donkey Dong Hypnosis Part 2



☼ "Your work is absolutely wonderful, you have a real gift. All the best and huge thank you for what you offer and make possible - it has potential to truly change lives. big warm hug." - @IamLove55, Ultimate Alpha Male Physical Change Hypnosis

☼ "Thank you for the this. It works once I learned how to get into deep trance" - @redarmy7223, Ultimate Alpha Male Physical Change Hypnosis

☼ "Thanks I can tell your videos are powerful" - M.G., Ultimate Alpha Male Physical Change Hypnosis

☼ "omg, it really works. I already grew in girth." - Ethan F., Ultimate Alpha Male Physical Change Hypnosis

☼ "I am from Ukraine, thank you for your good work!" - @arturzagorskiy6625, Ultimate Alpha Male Physical Change Hypnosis

☼ "day one I can already see results" - @weekendyeti5873, Ultimate Alpha Male Physical Change Hypnosis


ELEPHANT Trunk Girth Hypnosis Penis Thickness Binaural Isochronic (07/26/2015)

☼ "This is good I sleep through it every time I listen." - @calebwright9206, Elephant Trunk Girth Hypnosis Penis Thickness Binaural Isochronic

☼ "I loop this one with the sphincter one too, and sleep through them." @robphillips2463, Elephant Trunk Girth Hypnosis Penis Thickness Binaural Isochronic

☼ "🔥" - @gingersaioen6825, Elephant Trunk Girth Hypnosis Penis Thickness Binaural Isochronic


KING KONG SCHLONG Penis Enlargement Hypnosis (01/08/2015)

☼ "Are the results permanent? I want them to be" - @pablozapata8556, King Kong Schlong Penis Enlargement Hypnosis

☼ "This is great !! i heard it yesterday before and while sleep for almost 2 hour and only in one day this morning i wake up with hard rock harder than ever !! no joke this work is powerful!" - @blablblaaaaaaaaa, King Kong Schlong Hypnosis

☼ "Hello! Thanks for vídeo!" - @eupassageiro, King Kong Schlong Hypnosis


Binaural Intimacy Meditation Mood Stimulator Erectile Dysfunction Intimate Hypnosis (06/04/2015)

☼ "What a beautiful, relaxing and an exceptional video file." - "@michaelcoddington3026


Caitlyn Jenner Hypnosis (04/28/2015)

☼ "Watch and BELIEVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - @Geenalee1



☼ "bruh this works well before i listend to it i could not twerk at all then i only listend to it once and after that i can do like a tiny jiggle dang thank you" - @tsundoku4785, Twerking Hypnosis

☼ "love this!!!" - @michellemontana6393, Twerking Hypnosis


Twerking Hypnosis Revised (08/07/2018)

☼ "I've been moving to the beat quite frequently after I've listened to this video. I just move to the beat." - @tolanicassablanca3030, Twerking Hypnosis Revised

☼ "I can’t stop twerking" - @wolflover0436, Twerking Hypnosis Revised

☼ "I can't stop tweaking I feel weird I can't" - @shadowantoine541, Twerking Hypnosis Revised


Boost IQ Level Hypno Guided Self-Hypnosis (07/12/2015)

☼ "Thank you, you raised my IQ by 39 which I am happy I'm going to listen over and over again." - @ChristianDuncan

☼ "wow I want to learn more I feel smarter thank u soo much I really appreciate all of the effort that you went through in this video but that was extraordinary!!I'm Subscribing to you" - @user-mw4qc2bs7q

☼ "I feel like I'm smarter for some reason I have just this feeling I feel smart and happy idk I think it's working :D!!" @littlebearymc6317

☼ "Campellini i love your work but why do you have to make it scary but good job!" - @susisenala4414

☼ "u have a new subscriber :) thanks jaqueline im so glad i found ur channel!" - @cassiecassie5666

☼ "Thanks  Jacqueline ! :) HUGS." - @Geenalee1

☼ "Wow great" - @abhishekanil6143

☼ "Unas buenas vacaciones relajan hasta el alma" - @jesusmoreno5234

☼ "perfect..." - @jokemawei5065

☼ "Appealing to intelligent." - @professionalskit24




☼ "i love pulling the iq lever down each time" - @user-jp9rt6oe5u

☼ "This video made me feel moor dumb lol" - @foxtrot1547, Lower IQ Level Hypnosis

☼ "I think 🤔 that uh this time it worked hehe" - @adamsmith4852, Lower IQ Level Hypnosis

☼ "My favorite hypnosis video!! :D" - @theacraven4746, Lower IQ Level Hypnosis

☼ "i been listening to this vid and it feels so good to be happy and dumb you will like it to because it feels very good make more i watch all days and it feels good"
- @fairlywren3664, Lower IQ Level Hypnosis

☼ "OMG! Like this totes works! When I do try to think... I get a massive headache. I lose my train of thought, shopping on the brain and stuff like... OMG. Its crazy cuz I listen to this at night since Monday a few times and totally works!" - @user-dc9ze6gs5f, Lower IQ Level Hypnosis

☼ "I feel totes better then I did before." - @ripleyfry2107, Lower IQ Level Hypnosis

☼ "Oh my god, same! It’s so fun being like this! - @user-gg7xl6dk7r, Lower IQ Level Hypnosis 

☼ "Just take as much of my brain as you want" - @junkomokusei6093, Lower IQ Level Hypnosis

☼ "Feeling soooooo dumb x) :P" - @coraliesesky9499, Lower IQ Level Hypnosis

☼ "muy buena esta situacion Jacqueline Campenelli Ud da para todos los gusto eres estraordinaria fantastica Dios la Bendiga buenisimos su trabajo"
- @jesusmoreno5234, Lower Level IQ Hypnosis

☼ "thank you" - @debrasiders3933, Lower Level IQ Hypnosis

☼ "I feel super happy" - @shadowheller, Lower Level IQ Hypnosis

☼ "I have been listening to your video over a few days now and love it, I want to become dumber as thinking  is too hard. I want to be stupid since thinking brings in my anxiety. I want to live as a bimbo, as the world is becoming too hard to understand, too complex and difficult. It,s better to be a dumb bimbo" - @clarezigner6028

☼ "Thank-You Ummmm I  "Think ", Like , I Am Not Sure Like , This Did Anything ,Giggles" - @Geenalee1

☼ "Thank u for making this.. This would be my medicine.. Ive been searching something to lower my IQ.. Coz It's just hard for me to make friend and I'm more forgetful than I was before.. The higher IQ I get.. Just help me wd academic.. But makes my life harder.. People blame me coz Im too forgetful.. Thank u so much once again.. I feel dumber and happier than before 😄😄" - @itsmeal6630

☼ "😊" - @patchworkundead4787

☼ "I love being dum. I'm a good blonde bimbo." - @peejay4606

☼ "it make me happy u shud trie it it eazyr to think this wye and it iz funner" - @bagelbiter5080

☼ "Me wanna be dumb bimbo,wanna get really dumb cause thinking is too hard,don,t wanna think,just be dumb." - @clarezigner6028


☼ "Oh I love your videos!"  - Samantha T., Jacqueline Campenelli YouTube Channel

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